Abrasive blasting and sandblasting are considered to be some of the harshest industrial applications. High velocity flying abrasives and lots of dust is not an operator or tool friendly environment to work in. Air blast spares and operator safety equipment made from cheap poor quality materials will not stand up to the job and will be worn out in a very short time and pose a health danger to operators.

Welcome to Alpha-Blast. Designer, manufacturer and distributor of quality abrasive blasting equipment, blast cleaning spare parts and accessories. Formed from a background of being a blasting and painting contractor we have many years hands on practical experience in abrasive blasting and surface preparation applications. What we learn in the field is incorporated into our blasting equipment design to provide user and environmentally friendly blast cleaning and surface preparation equipment that will provide years of trouble free reliable service.

We look forward to the opportunity of working with you for all your requirements for abrasive blasting, sandblasting, bead blasting and air blast equipment, spare parts and accessories.