Tough corrosion resistant cast gunmetal. Suitable for use in the harshest of environments. Supplied with locking pin and fixing screws.

The toughest of all couplings, alpha-blast metal hose couplings are available in a variety of materials to meet specific needs. Corrosion resistant gun metal provides excellent strength and service life for most general purpose applications.

In applications where the risk of explosion must be eliminated, as far as is possible, the alpha-blast brass couplings offer a non sparking solution.

Item NumberDescription
301067 Gunmetal Hose Coupling - 38mm (1.5") ID.
301068 Gunmetal Hose Coupling - 48mm (1.875") ID.
301069 Gunmetal Hose Coupling - 54mm (2.187") ID.
301070 Gunmetal Hose Coupling - 60mm (2.375") ID.

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