alpha-blast Blasting Suits are designed to protect operators from injury caused by ricocheting abrasives. Areas exposed to rebounding abrasives such as the front of the arms and legs are made from tough durable leather. The chest area, that is covered by the helmet cape, and the back of the blasting suit are made from heavy duty cotton material. This reduces the weight and prevents the operator becoming too hot.

 A nylon/cotton version is produced for use in applications using softer abrasives such as plastic media, glass beads, walnut shell, bicarb etc.

 Double layer poppers and velcro keeps abrasive out.

Item NumberDescription
501004 Leather Blasting Gloves
501005 Blast Suit Leather Cotton Small
501006 Blast Suit Leather Cotton Medium
301207 Blast Suit Leather Cotton Large
501008 Blast Suit Leather Cotton Extra Large
501009 Blast Suit Leather Cotton Extra Extra Large
501010 Blast Suit Nylon Cotton Small
501011 Blast Suit Nylon Cotton Medium
501012 Blast Suit Nylon Cotton Large
501013 Blast Suit Nylon Cotton Extra Large
501014 Blast Suit Nylon Cotton Extra Extra Large

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