Blast Pots
We manufacture several types of blast pots to increase your productivity. SuperFlow blast pots are especially effective with fine and expendable abrasives. FatBoys are mini bulk blasters designed for 2 or 3 blasters and effective for longer blasting times without stopping to refill with abrasive.

Blast Pot Spares
We carry a complete selection of open blasting spares including blasting hoses and nozzles, remote control systems and abrasive metering valves. If you want to increase the productivity of your blasting operation we will advise the recommended upgrades to ensure maximum efficiency at the lowest cost.

Safety Gear
Blasting helmets, breathing filters, replacement filter cartridges and carbon monoxide alarms complete our line of operator safety gear. We are proud to offer the worlds most comfortable and advanced blasting helmets, the NOVA3 and NOVA 2000, as part of our range.

Moisture Removal
Moisture and oil in the compressed air stream used for blasting can cause many problems. Excessive moisture will lead to clogged abrasive in the pot and contaminated blasted surfaces resulting in flash rusting. We manufacture a variety of filters and driers to combat these issues and provide clean and dry air for trouble free blasting.

Abrasive Recovery
We manufacture several types of abrasive recovery systems for different abrasive types and recovery production rates. Abrasive recovery can be accomplished with electric powered or compressed air powered vacuum pumps. The Quickblast is a convenient, clean, economical and safe recirculating abrasive blaster used to remove rust, old paint, grime and oxides from metal quickly, thoroughly and safely. The Quickblast is simple to operate and ideal for working in tight spots, irregular areas and on virtually any surface.