Astro Blasting Helmet. The Astro is the number one choice for an economy abrasive blasting helmet which also meets safety standards worldwide including Europe, USA and Australia. This lightweight yet robust helmet will reduce fatigue, reduce downtime replacing parts and increase your productivity.

Lightweight yet robust helmet. Less weight means less fatigue. The helmet only weighs 1.3kg.

Unique high strength Visor Strap keeps tension on the visor and is easy to use even when wearing blasting gloves.

Removable head suspension for ease of cleaning inside the helmet.

Sturdy removable face frame mounted on an integral moulded hinge and secured with a super strong latch.

Large flat lens provides excellent vision without distortion. Lower cost replacement lenses.

Durable nylon cape protects the wearers neck and upper body and the soft inner collar provides a comfortable seal around the neck.

Replaceable Cape Cover Band seals the top of the cape and stops abrasive entering the helmet.

All parts easily replaced with conventional tools.

Flexible breathing tube silences the incoming air supply and provides a quiet working environment.

Optional low flow indicator allows the wearer to check that the airflow is sufficient to provide the necessary respiratory protection.

Safety Approvals include: NIOSH, EN271, AS/NZS1716:2003

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