Tough, precision injection moulded, nylon nozzle holders are lightweight and do not bind to the thread of an aluminium threaded nozzle. Fitted with internal 50mm contractor type thread. Minimal weight helps reduce operator fatigue. Supplied with fixing screws.

Light weight, yet extremely tough, alpha-blast nylon nozzle holders provide quick and easy attachment of blast nozzles to the blast hose.

Precision injection moulding ensures very tight dimensional accuracy. Fitted with an internal raised thread the alpha-blast nylon nozzle holder fits tightly and securely to the blast hose. The combination of the internal raised thread and air pressure inside the blast hose ensures the nozzle holder will not disengage from the blast hose.

Being manufactured from a flexible nylon compound the nozzle holder will return to its original shape even after being knocked or accidentally impacted.

Item NumberDescription
301056 Nylon Nozzle Holder 1 - 38mm (1.5") ID.
301057 Nylon Nozzle Holder 2 - 48mm (1.875") ID.
301058 Nylon Nozzle Holder 3 - 54mm (2.187") ID.
301059 Nylon Nozzle Holder 4 - 60mm (2.375") ID.

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