Abrasive blasting with expendable abrasives can produce huge amounts of dust. This is a problem for the environment and surrounding neighbours and workers.

You can easily reduce the dust levels by 80-90% by using the alpha-blast Water Jacket Nozzle. Simply connect a low
pressure mains or tank water supply hose to the rear of the nozzle. The water mixes with the exiting air and abrasive mixture and forms a dust suppressing slurry.

Fitted with extremely durable tungsten carbide venturi liner encased in a tough aluminium jacket and fitted with 50mm contractor thread.

Item NumberDescription
301311 #4 Aluminium Jacket Waterjet Nozzle 6.4mm bore
301312 #5 Aluminium Jacket Waterjet Nozzle 8mm bore
301313 #6 Aluminium Jacket Waterjet Nozzle 9.5mm bore
301314 #7 Aluminium Jacket Waterjet Nozzle 11mm bore

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