Remove moisture from the airstream before it gets into the blast pot and avoid timely down time and clean outs. Moisture separator removes moisture, oil and particulate.

Always a problem for blasting operations is the presence of moisture in the compressed air supply.

This will lead to flash rusting on the blasted surface and clogging of the abrasive inside the blast pots. The alpha-blast moisture separator will remove a large amount of the moisture from the compressed air stream and prevent a lot of these problems. Containing no moving or replaceable parts this moisture separator will provide years of trouble and maintenance free service. The moisture separator is fitted with auto drain valve for automatic discharge of the collected moisture. Fabricated steel versions are ASME U stamped.


Item NumberDescription
301095 Moisture Separator - 13mm (1/2") NB ports
301096 Moisture Separator - 25mm (1") NB ports
301097 Moisture Separator - 33mm ( 1.25") NB ports
301103 Moisture Separator - 38mm ( 1.5") NB ports

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